• I’m Lisa Face, an Executive, Leadership and Career coach,

    working with professionals to reduce anxiety, avoid burnout and increase performance at work.




    Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

    Registered ICF Mentor Coach for ACC applicants

    MSc, (Ed Man), BSc, PGCE, CELTA, DISC Consultant

    Who am I?
  • Coaching for Leaders


    Discover your unique high performance pattern so you can lead with confidence in a variety of situations.


    Where do  you want to influence others in your organisation?


    What do you need to do to lead others to achieve results?

    Coaching for Leaders
  • Go from uncertainty to clarity in your role or your career direction.


    Stop procrastinating and take action.


    What do you want to be different in 2018?


    When will you take the first step?


    Firework: a career coaching program for professionals.

    Career Coaching
  • Calling coaches aiming for the ICF ACC Credential.


    Partner with an ICF Registered Mentor Coach.


    For ACSTH, Portfolio and Renewal Applicants.


    Group and Individual programs.


    Virtual coaching and in-person day workshops.



    Quality ACC Mentor Coach Program

Calling ACC Aspiring Coaches

Mentor Coach Program for the ICF ACC Credential Application via the ACSTH or Portfolio route: develop your core competency skills and confidence through a group or individual program. Contact me today to book your mentoring support!



A snapshot of my career coaching approach!