Educators and Coaching Presence

Most of us remember with fondness those teachers who made a positive impact on us (and maybe more teachers who didn’t!). For me in Year 11, it was my Science teacher who encouraged me to keep going after an epic fail in my Geology mock O level exam (it was that FAR back!). His teaching style, different than most at that time, was purely discovery oriented, fun and coupled with his belief in my ability to succeed, he encouraged me to persevere and to not focus on the F word – fail. He wrote the most humane and encouraging end of year report of all time, securing my loyalty and determination. He was also rather cool and drove a smart, racing green sports car! [Read more…]

How Good is your Vision?

Moving home is a big challenge: moving countries and creating a whole new life is an even BIGGER challenge!

I faced a relocation after 19 years of living overseas and the decision making required was immense and overwhelming. Added to that were the big questions: where will I live…what type of house shall I buy…which items do I take…will I find a welcoming church…what about work etc. Paralleled with these questions were unproductive conversations with my DH with me repeating: “Why me…why now…I’m not ready to move”. My vision of ever having a bright future was blurred and making decisions was almost impossible. It was exhausting! Surely there was a more productive way to gain clarity. [Read more…]

5 Reasons for Choosing Virtual Coaching

 Whilst looking for a Coach to help you with the challenges your facing, you might have come across the term “virtual coaching”. Many people think virtual coaching is a convenient alternative but one which takes second place to face to face coaching. But is that true? What do you think?

As a Coach, asking questions is what I’m all about. The brain loves questions to examine ideas, challenge assumptions, explore options, gain a fresh perspective, and identify bias. So, here’s a question for you to consider:

Is virtual coaching just as good as face to face coaching?

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What is Christian Coaching – exactly…?

Lisa Face ICF Career, Leadership, Executive CoachI enjoy sharing my experience of Christian focused coaching with interested professionals, although I can’t explain fully what it is because I’m still discovering! I’m learning and growing, not only as an experienced International Coach Federation certified coach but also as a person of faith and a follower of Jesus. Unless you’ve been coached yourself you might be wondering what coaching is about, whether it’s cost effective and if it’s of any lasting value as you face leadership, career and performance challenges. And if you’re a Christian or someone of another faith you may be curious about “Christian Coaching” – hence this article!

Coaching is a profession in the same way as teaching is, yet it’s hard to define clearly and often confused with consulting and mentoring which people seem to understand more easily.

Here’s an insight into coaching in general and a glimpse into Christian focused coaching.

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How to Write a Winning CV or Resume

Are you struggling to write a winning CV or resume?

Many hiring managers and recruiters take as little as ten seconds to read a CV (resume) before deciding to place it in the “review” or in the “trash” pile. Whilst there’s no perfect CV, how do you learn to craft a well written document and enhance your chances of being selected for an interview? Begin by reviewing your CV objectively and check if you are making these simple mistakes.

The 5 Most Common CV Bloopers

CV Resume Bloopers

1. Lack of white space: use margins, paragraphs and bullet points to make your CV visually appealing. Avoid dense copy which makes it hard to read. The idea is to make it easy, not difficult, for the person reading it.

2. Poor presentation: other than your name and subtitles, keep the same font and size throughout your CV: Ariel and Calibri work well. Avoid italics and use bold for your name, subheadings and job positions.

3. Too long: you might think it’s impossible to reduce your career history into 2 pages but believe me, it isn’t! From editing CVs for many years I’ve seen the process of “selective pruning” in 2 pages, really makes it stand out from the crowd! Your CV is a “marketing” tool, a chance to sell yourself to get the interview: it won’t get read if it’s too long!

4. Irrelevant Content: your CV will land in the “trash” pile if it’s a boring “shopping list” of responsibilities. An “achievement rich” document on the other hand, will attract notice and is far more likely to be read. Become more achievement focused by asking yourself:

  • What did I do that added value to my company?
  • Did I save money or  increase profits,
  • Did I increase employee engagement or improve customer satisfaction?
  • Was I selected for a project or achieve an award?

5. Ineffective layout: don’t write your credentials, skills and key achievements on Page 2! By marketing yourself on the top half of the first page, you can be sure those precious 10 seconds CV review will be spent reading the best bits!

Good luck with creating a great CV!

Lisa 🙂